Become a sponsor demonstrator

Montgolfière dans le Capadoce Turquie

How to become a demonstrator.

NaïtUp is a large family united by common values: the love of nature, of others and of sharing. This is how the community of demonstrators was created and grew, driven by the desire to share experiences and introduce people to the Hussardes.


Who can become a demonstrator?

Any NaïtUper can become a demonstrator. Being the owner of a Hussarde tent is the only essential condition. The role of a demonstrator is indeed to welcome people and to provide them with a concrete demonstration of the product and its functionalities. It is therefore important that you wish to share your bivouac experiences as well as to like and know your tent in order to enlighten the people you meet.

Your main mission will be to communicate your passion, and the values we share.

What am I committing to?

  1. You agree to appear on our website through an advertisement. This advertisement will introduce you and your Hussarde and give your geographical area. A form will be available directly on your file so that interested people can contact you. Your details shall only be communicated to people who have sent a request via the contact form.
  2. As soon as someone is interested in a demonstration, they will contact you to arrange an appointment. You are not obliged to welcome them and should decide freely according to your availability. We would just ask you to respond, positively or negatively, within 72 hours.
  3. To keep track of your visits, simply enter the contact details of all the people you meet as part of a demonstration in your referral interface. You will then earn for each sale.

What are the advantages exactly?

In addition to meeting nice and interesting people, adventurers at heart, you benefit from many advantages!

In addition to meeting nice and interesting people, adventurers at heart, you benefit from many advantages! This can be used to make pleasing purchases with ethical, ecological and solidarity brands. Cosmetics, food, electronics; you will be spoiled for choice!

You must enter the contact details of all the people you meet to do a demonstration. When you register as a demonstrator, a personal space is created for you on our referral platform. Using your login information, access a personal interface to fill in the surnames, first names, email and telephone details of your contacts.

You will be notified by e-mail in the event of a sale.

How to register.

Go to the online registration form.

You must write an add introducing yourself and describing your Hussarde. Once completed, an e-mail containing all the information will be sent to you (amount of bonuses, operation).

At the same time, a private account will be created for you on our referral platform to track your sales. You will receive an email informing you how this tracking platform works.

Once your ad is live, you can start receiving requests!

What is a NaïtUp referrer?

As a referrer, you do not have to own a Hussarde, you do not have to welcome people to make demonstrations and you do not receive requests either.

There is no ad to create, no commitment to answer; simply insure those around you know about NaïtUp tents. To do this, go to the referral space, fill in the email addresses* of the people you wish to inform and that´s it. If, within 180 days, a tent sale results, you will receive an Ethik’do gift card of €50.

* Please ensure your referrals to use this email when purchasing.