How to choose the right tent for your holidays

vacances en tente

rooftop tent holiday is the perfect way to get closer to nature. Here are some tips to choose from the models and options offered. The pointers are aimed to help you decide according to your objectives!

The number of people.

The number of travellers to sleep in the tent will be the main criterion. At NaïtUp, the Duö (for 2 adults) and the Triup (2 adults and 1 child) is a good choice for couples. The Quatrö (for 2 adults and 2 children) or the Family (for 2 adults and 3 children) are more spacious.

On the roof of a camper van, a Hussarde tent also provides a very practical additional bed.

Our tents are the most compact of hard-shell tents providing a spacious sleeping area when unfolded. They have the best space to compactness ratio available.

The trip length.

Planning to bivouac? Going for a camping weekend? Taking a road trip? This is important to choosing your tent.. You may spend a lot of time in your cocoon.

For example, the Duö is very much a bed space while the TriUp offers more room. This is better if you must spend a long time inside the tent.

Not all tents have the same storage options. The TriUp, the Quatrö and the Family tents are all designed with more storage options for a road trip.

Consider the conditions in which you will travel.

Planning some short trips? Maybe, at heart, you are more of a nomad able to bivouac all year round whatever the weather conditions?

This criterion is essential in the configuration of your tent! All our fabrics are breathable however, the cotton is more so than polycotton. It will thus be a better choice to drain condensation when using your tent in winter. Polycotton canvas is more suited for seasonal use.

You may also need awnings. The Quatrö, the Family and soon the TriUp can be fitted with door and window awnings. These keep the openings sheltered from both rain and sun.

NaïtUp, opt for the best

Designed with quality and high-performance materials, Hussarde tents can remain on your vehicle all year round. The fabrics used are waterproof and they withstand winds of up to 100km/h.

Our rooftop tents also feature some very exclusive innovations. For example, there is our patented passive ventilation system which eliminates condensation quickly. The tents open and close very quickly thanks to some very unique kinematics. The shell aerodynamics means that fuel consumption will increase little or not at all.

Moreover, they fit all vehicles (city car, van, etc.) equipped with suitable transverse roof bars. To choose NaïtUp is to ensure you travel serenely and comfortably.

Whatever your project, we have the tent perfectly suited to your needs!