How to correctly choose your roof tent: 4 criteria

tente de toit ciel étoilé

Thinking of  buying a roof top tent to travel more freely? To make every getaway unforgettable, you will need a tent that’s easy to pitch, spacious and durable. How can you be sure that the Hussarde tent is suitable for your vehicle? What type of roof tent should you choose for optimal comfort? Here are 4 criteria to consider to make this purchase with confidence..

1. The size and weight of the Hussarde tent

The dimensions of the roof top tent are among the first criteria to consider when making your purchase. For many roof tent manufacturers, the size and weight of the tent are important criteria to consider. The advantage with NaïtUp roof top tents is that it is quite possible to install a Family tent on a small car, such as the C3. Our tents can be fitted to all vehicles. The unique condition for installing a Hussarde tent is to have two transverse roof bars supporting the weight of the folded tent. The size and weight of your roof tent should therefore no longer be an issue.

2. The type of roof top tent

There are two types of roof top tents. Shell tents are thinner, less than 30 cm thick at NaïtUp, compared to 40 cm or more for tarpaulin tents; they are more aerodynamic, and much faster to open and close. For your health and that of the other occupants, always check the materials used. Fiberglass hulls release toxic particles as they age. This is not the case with the NaïtUp Hussarde tents! NaïtUp is the only manufacturer to offer eco-designed tents. They are made from high quality materials, both recycled and 90% recyclable. They have an aerodynamic shell, unique on the market. And that changes everything! Fuel consumption does not increase or increases but very little. Ultra-easy to install, they open and close in no time thanks to a patented tilting floor kinematics.

3. The type of car on which to install the roof tent

The installation of a roof tent requires transverse roof bars. The folded Hussarde is secured on these supports. Virtually any vehicle can be fitted with roof bars, whether it’s a jeep, SUV, van, or even a city car. Whatever the type of vehicle and roof bar, ensure that it is able to support the weight of the folded tent. NaïtUp rooftop tents all weigh less than 100 kg when folded. They adapt to a very large range of roof bars and remain firmly secured thanks to the NuFix fastening system, one of the simplest, fastest and most secure on the market.
Perhaps you are not sure which roof tent to choose according to your car. NaïtUp roof tents adapt perfectly to all cars, so this criterion is of little importance!

4. The number of people, the height and build of the occupants of the roof tent

Are you going to travel as a couple or as a family? The roof top tent should be spacious enough to provide comfortable sleeping space for everyone. With a ceiling height ranging from 1.44 m to 1.50 m, NaïtUp roof tents are among the most spacious on the market. To choose the dimensions of your roof tent, consider the build and size of the occupants, as well as your needs and desires in terms of comfort. At NaïtUp, we offer models to suit all situations: :

  • Duö: a roof tent for 1 to 2 people.
  • TriUp: a model that can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child, ideal for families or couples who want more space.
  • Quatrö: a roof top Hussarde suitable for up to 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Family: a spacious model designed for large families. It can accommodate up to 2 adults and 3 children.
    If you are having trouble deciding between 2 sizes Choose the largest for the most amount of space.