TriUp roof top tent

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tente de toit Hussarde TriUp ouverte sur véhicule devant montagne
2 adults and 1 child
icons speed
Opening / closing
in 30 seconds
Rated weight of roof bars
from 68kg
Sleeping area
220 x 140 cm
Aerodynamic hull
125 x 160 x 28 cm

The cosy roof top tent for impromptu road trips.

Ready to get away aboard the TriUp? The great advantages of the youngest in the family.

The Hussarde TriUp is ideal for families and couples looking for a more spacious bed. It is the perfect intermediate between our Duö model (for 1 to 2 people) and Quatrö (for 2 adults and 2 children) and can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child.

This roof top tent is ultra-compact when closed yet has an impressive volume when opened. The shell is different from our other models and even more compact. The tent is light and therefore fits as many vehicles and roof racks as possible. Specially designed for this purpose, it adapts perfectly to pick-up cargo beds thanks to two carrying bars for even greater simplicity.

Its comfortable and spacious bedding will ensure you restful nights before setting off on your adventure. Your room with a view follows you everywhere delivering wonder and comfort every day.

So, ready to experience some unique moments?

Shell height
0 cm
Shell width
0 cm
Shell length
0 cm
Tent height
0 cm
Tent width
0 cm
Tent length
0 cm

Optimal space

This Hussarde tent is specially designed to accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. Its sleeping space, 140 cm wide by 220 cm long, allows for optimal comfort. The interior height of 144 cm means you can sit, kneel and move around relatively comfortably.


Exterior: 125cm wide, 160cm long, 28cm high (above the roof bars).

Interior: max height: 145 cm, max width: 150 cm, max length: 220 cm.
Sleeping area: 220 cm x 140 cm.
Maximum rated weight in the tent : 250 kg.
Total weight: from 63 kg (without mattresses).

The Hussarde TriUp has unique kinematics, it opens to the side of the vehicle and a tilting floor unfolds, supported by the integrated ladder.

Roof top tent

Triup tent deployed

TriUp on 4x4 cargo bed

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, to install a tent on your vehicle your vehicle must be equipped with two roof bars supporting the weight of the Hussarde when it is folded (minimum 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö /Family). These bars can easily be found on the internet and in car ...

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The standard manufacturing lead time is 28 calendar days however, we can currently offer shorter lead times (48 hours, 7, 14 or 21 days). Tent making begins upon receipt of your payment (or your first instalment in the case of payment in three our four instalments free of charge). Your tent will ...

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Our tents have been designed to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h without damage when unfolded. The canvas is very solid and the seams waterproof. The casing is able to withstand storms and hail. Whatever the weather, you’ll sleep comfortably and dry!

Yes, and the answer is unanimous among our users! With a very flat sleeping service, high-resilience and high-density foam mattress (40kg/m3), firm and strong floor, spacious and ventilated interior, and the waterproof AND breathable canvas: there is no humidity, no sweltering heat or condensation.
Moreover, sleeping high up is a real advantage, away from the humidity close to the ground, in summer there is more air, and in the vantage point makes for waking up with a beautiful view of the surroundings.
The very first night will convince you!

Of course, when configuring your Hussarde, you can choose without a mattress. We recommend using a mattress of the same size as those we offer (see the descriptions of the various Hussarde models). For the Hussarde Quatrö or Family, your mattress should not be any more than 5.5 cm in thickness.

When ordering, you can configure your Hussarde with other options, to have a truly customised tent. Further options can be purchased afterwards as you discover you need them.

A Hussarde can very well be purchased without any options, it will be immediately usable, the only option necessary for good sleep is the mattress, which may be different from the one proposed (see "Can I put my own mattress in my Hussarde tent?"). However, the accessories we recommend are: - ...

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