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Small family, big Trip

A family road trip

For Olga and her family, traveling with a Hussarde means discovery, wonder and adventure. This family of four enjoys exploring new places and trying new activities. The tribe left for a road trip using a Hussarde, travelling Bosnia and Montenegro. You can follow their adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Little Us on a trip

NaitUp Jungle Family

Jungle Family

A family explores South America

Angie, Arnaud, Driss and Louka have embarked on a daring project: a one-year road trip with a Hussarde and a Land Rover Defender exploring South America. They share some superb landscapes and had some unforgettable adventures. Follow them on their various social networks!

Alain Roche

Sports coach, founder of Endur’Activ

With over 20 years of experience as a coach, Alain decided to contribute his research to sports nutrition. He created the Endur’Activ brand to offer people healthy and environmentally friendly products. Then he chose a TriUp for his business trips. This provides him with a serene cocoon, away from the crowds.

TriUp Alain Roche

Quatrö tent family

Marlene and her tribe

The family trip and good vibrations!

No need to go far to escape! This big family travels aboard Gaston, their truck equipped with a Hussarde tent. They spend their weekends exploring the stunning landscapes of Brittany. They plan to go further afield to discover new regions and countries. Simplicity, nature, humour and love fill their days.

Lucie, Jeremy & little Clement

There are no age limits for adventure!

Living at the foot of the mountains in the Hautes-Alpes, Lucie, Jeremy and Clement love to trek through the mountains on foot or by bike. During his first year of life, the tiny adventurer Clement set off with his parents for his first big 5-month trip: a road trip in Scandinavia ending with 15 days of biking in Brittany. Their next adventures will be with their Hussarde Quatrö.

Peaceful tent sleep

Camille and Thomas travel to Türkiye

Camille et Thomas

Exploring the world with Léon

Photographers and bloggers, Camille and Thomas explore the world aboard their home on wheels: Léon. After Oman, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan, they’re heading for Turkey with a Hussarde tent on the roof of their 4×4. Lovers of slow travel, they are enjoying their life as full-time nomads.

Serge Lambert

Hunters of the horizon

For Serge, retirement rhymes with freedom and big projects. He decided to travel the world for five years with his Ford Ranger Raptor equipped with a Hussarde tent. We installed his tent and are delighted to follow him on his adventures.

Installation for Serge Lambert

Anaïs, Nina, Victor

Anais, Victor and Nina

Part-time nomad family

Journalist and independent trainer, Anais and Victor travel Europe for two months a year with their daughter Nina. After the Great Lakes in Italy, they will head North with a Hussarde tent from June to July 2023. The objective? To write a book for those wishing to travel throughout Scandinavia as a family.

Rachel et Tahiti

An inseparable pair

A professional fireman, Rachel travels with Tahiti, a golden retriever. Tahiti has no trouble perching in the TriUp tent and her mistress has found the right technique to get her into it. The pair set off on a series of sporting and photographic adventures in the great outdoors.

Rachel et son chien dans la tente TriUp

Les 4 baroudeurs

Alexandre d’Urzo

The 4 backpackers

Marine, Alexandre, Lou and Tom share the pleasure of travelling and simply sharing their adventures. Passionate about nature, they enjoy roadtrips as a family, as with their latest adventure in Switzerland. Their adventures will soon take them to Quebec. Don’t hesitate to follow them on their Instagram page!

Mauricio, Julie and Leo


Kitesurfing and travelling, Mauricio and Julie share their adventures on their blog. As a family, they share their adventure with their son Leo. Recounting their sports and lifestyle, they live their passion every day to the full, in France, abroad. Their tribe is now part of the NaïtUpers community, travelling freely with their precious cocoon!

Tente de toit NaïtUp famille kite surf lovers

Laura Sportive Voyageuse

Laura da Silva

Globetrotting sportswoman

Laura has two passions: adventure and outdoor sports (mountain biking, kitesurfing, skiing, trail running, trekking and climbing). Her destinations include Tanzania, Morocco, Thailand and Peru. She created her blog to help future travellers organise their excursions. Her TriUp roof tent now accompanies her on her adventures!


Daily minimalism

For Ophélie, ecology is part of everyday life. On her Instagram account, she gives advice on how to live a healthier, waste-free life. She has also created her own brand, Minimal Ceramics. Keen to get closer to nature and travel in a more sustainable way, she’s now embarking on her adventure with one of our roof top tents!

Retrait Ophélie à Alès

Tente de toit Hussarde Quatrö NaïtUp dans la neige

Jeff Bloyet


Jeff is the very definition of an adventurer. Ambassador of NaïtUp for two years, he went on a road trip with a Quatrö tent to the Nordic countries. He also lived in Hussarde, to be in harmony with his values. Finally, he is the organiser of the RTT festival (main French roof top tent festival) for which NaïtUp was the first official partner.

Image hunters

Nicolas Tikhomiroff

Monsieur Clavicle

Physiotherapist and osteopath, Nicolas is also known for his Internet health content under the name of Monsieur Clavicule. Passionate about nature and photography, he publishes the results of his explorations on Instagram. This passion gave him the idea to perch in a Hussarde and now he has done just that! Follow him on his YouTube channel and other publications concerning health and his personal account for the photography.

Our community

Florian Keller

Florian Keller

Gifted and hyperactive

Passionate mountaineer, very cheerful and expert photographer, his social networks are a mine of good humour that inspires one to take a bite of life. Through his photos, he takes us to the snow, to the seaside, from the Combe des Aravis to the Salève. At home, his Hussarde is used in all seasons! A NaïtUp ambassador, he is also naturally one for his own region. A true promoter of well-being and the land where he lives!

Benjamin Becker

An artist and multitasking athlete

Independent photographer, Benjamin Becker knows how to reflect and sublimate the delicacy of travels with a Hussarde. Passionate about sport and the great outdoors, he chose the Hussarde for the independence it lends him. He works mainly with outdoor brands and tourist organisations for sporting events: marathons, triathlons, ultratrails etc. Enchanted by this mode of roaming, he has also adopted it for his family trips!

Benjamin Becker photo NaïtUp

jordan colin

Jordan Colin

Videographer and explorer of Occitania

After the Duö and the Quatrö, the TriUp is now the target of Jordan Colin’s lens! Occitan like the Hussarde tents, this photographer and videographer is a passionate explorer and extreme sports enthusiast. An enchanted user of our tents, he is driven by the spirit of adventure and discovery that drives him to discover ever new horizons. Explore his work on his website and his social networks.

Felix Corbel

Cyclist, photographer, adventurer

Cyclist and hiker, Felix also spends time in nature with his Hussarde. His creativity is fully expressed in the large spaces that he exalts in his photo and video content. Vosges and Brittany are his domain. He produces superb images, from sunrise to sunset in all seasons.

Hussarde Duö by Felix Corbel

feux de camp

Time To Production

Images in the very heart of nature

Bivouacs in the heart of nature, excursions in superb scenery; TimeTo, an audiovisual production company based in the Loire-Atlantique department, has captured the best of a Hussarde excursion! Their Quatrö was their base camp exploring the Dolomites, the Esterel, Roquebrune and more. Their work also highlights natural parks as well as sporting events. Their videos can be seen on their website.


The Ladevant brothers

Athletes of the 21st century

Tristan and Louna have been passionate mountaineers since they could walk. High-level climbers, they have numerous medals to their credit. As athletes with a mission, they strive to have a positive impact. Their next project is to help set up a spirulina farm in Kyrgyzstan. Adventure, pushing boundaries and sharing: these are the values that drive them onwards!

joanna Di Grigoli

Joanna di Grigoli

Long Distance Champion

As a Cross Country Champion, flights allow to explore the terrain from above but also prior to races with a preliminary study of the mountains to be crossed, Joanna needed a mobile reconnaissance HQ. The Hussarde Quatrö provides just that to the professional pilot, for ground reconnaissance and office work, as the weather conditions shift the race departures. It is also the essential tool for Hike and Fly, combining hiking and paragliding. Sleeping on or near the start of the hike is ideal both in terms of rest and immersion in the environment before exploring the route.

Sébastien Bouin

Climbing prodigy

Passionate free climber (natural outdoor climbs), he has been climbing since he was 12. He quickly joined the elite climbers and in 2019, he became the world’s best cliff climber. This insane climber always selects the toughest routes in the world. Former sports teacher, he gave up everything to truly live his passion and the least we can say is that he was right. He has used Hussarde tents for his travels, for training and even for competitions.

Sébastien BOUIN


Felix Hallard and Theo Manfredi

Pilot friends

Felix has been flying gliders since 2014. He has flown and taking part in competitions in at least a dozen airfields in France. He and his friend Theo seek to discover explore flying areas, especially abroad. They have planned a road trip from Spain to Poland. Their Hussarde will be their base camp for the journey and will certainly be an essential factor in its success.

Raid Sport Aventure

Explore nature in complete freedom

Raid Sport Aventure is an adventure association aiming to promote the heritage and cultural domain through hikes, raids and other events. They aim to democratise and preserve outdoor recreation, respecting the rules and the environment.

Logo Raid Sport Aventure

Sébastien canicross

Sébastien Bucamp


Sport in the company of sled dogs! Sébastien practices canicross (an activity that involves running with two dogs) and bikejoring (which combines a bike and a dog). He has been practising these two disciplines for nine years His Duö roof tent will be accompanying him from November to April for several competitions in this discipline.

Geoffray Juillard and Barbara Kijewski

Fishing aces

Fishing has no more secrets for Geoffray and Barbara. He is the creator of the magazine and website 1max2peche, number 1 in his sector, which advises those who want to get started. Barbara shares her impressive photographs on her Instagram account. Their Hussarde tent now allows them to get closer to their spots.

Barbara l'as de la pêche


Carole Pipolo

Creator of Outdoor and News

Passionate about outdoor sports, Carole travels the world sharing her challenges and her spots in the great outdoors, which she takes full advantage of with her Hussarde Quatrö. At the head of Outdoor and News magazine, she shares her passions with readers. Born with a trainer on one foot and a ski on the other, she has always bathed in outdoor sports.

Carole Pippolo

Carole Pipolo

Creator of Outdoor and News

Passionate about outdoor sports, Carole travels the world sharing her challenges and her spots in the great outdoors, which she takes full advantage of with her Hussarde Quatrö. At the head of Outdoor and News magazine, she shares her passions with readers. Born with a trainer on one foot and a ski on the other, she has always bathed in outdoor sports.

Laurent Van Parys-Macé

Writer loves nature

Laurent is the author of the guides 60 hiking ideas for discovering France with your children and Traveling, Hiking with your children (published in March 2023) by Chamina. Through his works, He wants to show how to share simply good times in the great outdoors as a family. He uses roof tents for personal reasons and convinced by this travel mode, he needed a comfortable, modern and practical tent. So he turned to NaïtUp, whose values he shares. We are absolutely delighted to contribute to the success of his explorations!

En famille, en toute simplicité

En Asie centrale avec OunTravela


Adventure with a capital A

Passionate about the great outdoors, Victor and Olivia are authors and publishers of adventure books. They explore trails off the beaten track, especially in Kyrgyzstan where they adventured with their Hussarde Quatrö. The book Explore Georgia is based on this experience.

Travel professionals

Bus vintage avec tente Duö

Line Zero

The French hotel bus

Why not renovate a vintage bus from 1970 and transform it into a sort of hotel bus to offer unusual road trips across France? This is the adventure on which Alexandre and Guillaume have embarked. With the aim of supporting local tourism, they take travellers on board for an unusual experience. NaïtUp supports this fantastic project with the Duö installed on the roof of the bus, allowing the driver some well-deserved rest.