Our advice to rent a roof tent

Tente de toit TriUP

For a weekend or for a week, as a couple or as a family, why not try before deciding! Explore a new way of traveling and enjoying nature in complete freedom. Here is some advice to transform your rooftop tent rental into an unforgettable adventure.

Rent a rooftop tent from NaïtUp

Planning to camp in the Cevennes? You can now rent a tent directly from our workshops in Ales.

Reservations can be made on our website. You can also write to us at location@naitup.com for any questions. The Quatrö tent can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children while the Family tent takes 2 adults and 3 children. So you can easily go on an adventure with your tribe!

Rent from one of our partners

If you are not planning to come to Ales: There may be one of our partners in your area! Check out the map on our rental site. Some partners offer vans equipped with roof tents.

It is best to contact them directly to ensure the availability of models and prices.

Equip your vehicle with transverse roof bars

Transverse roof bars are different for every vehicle. As a result, rental companies cannot provide these. You should equip yourself before renting. Our tents adapt to all vehicles fitted with suitable bars (car, van, van, etc.).

Sites such as Oscaro offer suitable bars based on your vehicle information. Your bars must take the weight of the folded tent with mattress. That is 59 kg for a Duö, 68 kg for a TriUp and 82 kg for a Quatrö/Family. They must be at least 110 cm long.

The space between them must be at least 70 cm. The maximum distance is 125 cm. The ideal is between 90 cm and 110 cm.

Renting a ROOF TOP TENT: Other essential accessories

If the mattress is provided in the tent, remember to bring your bedding for a comfortable stay.

Depending on the length of your stay, you can opt for camping equipment. A wood or gas stove will allow you to prepare meals.

A first aid kit (arnica, disinfectant, paracetamol, soothing gel for bites) can also be very welcome.

On the hygiene side, you can opt for a portable shower and cabin. There are even portable toilets. The other solution for this is to take a camping shovel to dig a hole as needed. Sometimes a stop at a campsite or garden camping can overcome this challenge.

Apps like Park4night, Spotontravel or Ioverlander will help you find the best locations.

Truly enjoy the complete kit of the expert traveller! Simply enjoy your rental trip!