Our tips and advice to install your tent

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How to install a roof tent! on your vehicle Here are all the things to consider so that you only have to think about your next trips!

The main prerequisite: two transverse roof bars

Our roof tents are suitable for all vehicles equipped with transverse roof bars (or possibly a gallery) capable of supporting the weight of the folded tent. Whether you have a car, a van or a truck, you can travel with a Hussarde tent! Choose a ladder suitable for the height of your vehicle. Our tents are also the only ones to have four rails, which facilitates installation on the roof bars.

The weight will vary depending on the model (from 59 kg for a Duö to 82 kg for a Family) and the options chosen. The latter is displayed at the bottom right of the configurator.

Your bars must be at least 110 cm long. The space between them must be at least 70 cm. The maximum distance is 125 cm. The ideal is between 90 cm and 110 cm.

Placing the tent on your vehicle

For a home delivery, the tent is delivered on a pallet positioned on its edge. Remove the packaging and loosen the NuFix fastening system if this option has been chosen. Then tilt the pallet and lay the tent flat on the ground. Finally, lift it and slide it onto the roof of the vehicle using help. We recommend four people to do this seemlessly.

Do you live nearby or are you planning a holiday in the Cevennes? Pick up your tent at our workshops! In this case, you will save the cost of delivery. We will install the tent on your vehicle free of charge and give you a complete demonstration.

Installing your tent alone.

If you are alone: Don’t let the weight of the tent put you off. There are solutions, such as a hoist or a workshop crane.

Another possibility is a system fastened to a garage or workshop roof, such as the Multilift from Thule. Others make custom solutions with a winch hung from the ceiling or a beam and straps. This can be manual or electric.

Why not talk to the community about this? The NaïtUp Family Facebook group is at your disposal.

All you have to do is enjoy your tent!

Whichever option you choose, a Hussarde tent requires no assembly. Once it is attached to your roof bars, you simply have to unfold it to enjoy your camping spot in the great outdoors.

Opening and closing are done in 30 seconds thanks to unique kinematics.


Your vehicle will need to be equipped with two transverse roof bars that meet the following conditions: The bars must support the weight of your folded Hussarde (when closed). This minimum weight is 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö/Family (weight of the ...

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You can leave your Hussarde tent on your car permanently if you so wish. If you need to remove it, we also offer storage racks on wheels that will allow you to store it on its edge to save space.

Yes, when you enter your address for your order, the countries around France where delivery is available are indicated. For other countries, please contact us by email or phone and we will make a suitable delivery proposal.