NaïtUp’s innovations

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A concentration of innovation

Innovative, safe, spacious, configurable, scalable; these are words that describe our Hussarde tents! We design them to make your life easier and provide you with the best possible experience. They are a veritable concentration of unique innovations.

Because this is part of our values, we continuously improve to offer you magical escapades.

tente de toit pour tous les véhicule

A roof top tent suitable for all vehicles

There is no need for a big car for an adventure, NaïtUp roof tents adapt to all vehicles equipped with suitable transverse roof bars. City car, SUV, 4×4, van, truck; travel the way that suits you!

icone van icone 4x4 icone voiture

Compact when folded,
spacious when unfolded

Compact when folded (less than 125cm wide), our roof tents offer a spacious sleeping area when unfolded. They have the best ratio on the roof top tent market.The shell conceals a surface that can accommodate up to 2 adults and 3 children (Family Hussarde).

compact spacieuse

tente de toit avec éclairage

Practical, quick to open and quick to close

Many tents are simple to open but complicated to close. Our tents have no such problem! The no-hassle unfolding and folding is as simple as it is practical. You can make camp and break camp in 30 seconds thanks to patented kinematics.


Condensation evacuation using passive ventilation

Condensation must be the number one enemy of rooftop tent users. We have developed a solution with our patented passive ventilation system. The shell convection evacuates hot air and condensation so you can enjoy your tent in any season.


innovations naïtup
Barre de toit transversale
Fixations rapide nufix tente barre toit naitup

NUFIX: Quick, secure and universal attachments

Our tents are equipped as standard with the exclusive and patented NuFix fastening system. Very quick and universal, it adapts to a very large number of roof bars, securely fastening. The system conforms to ISO 11 154 (international crash safety standard for car roof accessories).


Unique aerodynamics

Unique aerodynamics on the roof top tent market! Thanks to the unique shape of the shell, the tent will not slow you down or increase your fuel consumption, or by very little at most and depending on the vehicle.


Ludovic Pondaven

Eco-designed tents with high-quality and high-performance materials

NaïtUp is the only manufacturer to offer eco-designed tents. Our tents are scalable, incorporate recycled materials and are recyclable. The ABS shell retains its characteristics for a long time and does not emit harmful particles. The structure is made of aluminium while the fabrics are breathable, waterproof and rot-proof.

éco responsable

Made In France

We support local employment and the local economy, all our tents are made in our workshops in the Gard and we get our raw materials from as close as possible, working with French suppliers, in particular for cotton canvas, plastic and metals.

fabriqué en france

atelier naitup
loupiotte tente de toit

Configure your tailor made tent

Lighting, a storage net, a small awning? Choose from many available accessories. Mattress texture, ladder size, canvas; you can choose the elements to make a highly customisable tent.