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A workshop and a team of enthusiasts in the Gard, at the gateway to the Cévennes mountains

2 voitures avec tente de toit Hussarde NaitUp


Sustainability, Benevolence, Reliability, Audacity, Local Manufacturing, Practicality;
these are the values that drive the NaïtUp team day to day.

A story of passionate people

Two great friends, Patrice Brochier (shown opposite at the École des Mines business incubator) and Christian Soteau, a self-educated man and engineer, outdoors enthusiast.

To reduce the trips back and forth every night, , they imagined a nomadic, simple and original solution to sleep at their adventure spots: a quick-to-install rooftop tent.

The first fully in-house models came to life in 2007 and had immediate fans.

Patrice Brochier devant un prototype de tente de toit
Florian Keller

The NaïtUp brand was created in 2010 by Patrice.

The team grew in 2015 when Thierry Villières joined as co-manager adding his industrial processes expertise.

Since, around thirty happy enthusiasts have joined in the careful production, sale, distribution, and the creation of new models, supporting NaïtUpers everywhere.

Your NaïtUp tent is such a well-designed and cosy cocoon able to follow you into the best adventures precisely thanks to the human values of the team.

An innovation workshop

At NaïtUp, passion rhymes with excellence. Yes, we make tents however, we produce them in the south of France, in a town called Alès (Gard department).

So doing, we also eco-design in order to preserve and protect the nature that we love and where we sleep so peacefully.

It has been a veritable innovation challenge improved as technical inventions and feedback from our NaïtUpers move us into the future.

All our innovations

fabrication tente de toit atelier naitup

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