Roof top tents

for all cars for the whole family for adventurers for nature lovers
  • Made in France
  • 5 year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly
from 2390 €
modèle TriUp
from 2990 €
Modèle Quatrö
from 3490 €
Modèle Family
from 3650 €

The roof top tent that fits your needs

How does it work?
Step 1.
Choose your model

Travelling as a family, alone, as a couple; there are 4 models to meet your needs

Step 2.
Customise your tent

Sea, mountain or countryside? Adapt your tent to the way you travel

Step 3.
Choose your lead time

Standard manufacturing in 28 days or express manufacturing in as little as 24 hours

Step 4.
Choose your installation method

Delivery to the address of my choice or free installation at the workshop

naitup roof tent


Our tents are made in the Gard department, in the south of France, in a town called Ales; they are eco-designed specifically to preserve the environment which provides us with such breath-taking moments. Sustainability, Benevolence, Reliability, Audacity, Local Manufacturing, Practicality; the values of our vision.

Who are we?

Petit déjeuner dans les Pyrenees
tente de toit avec éclairage

Adventure, NOW!

Summer under the stars, autumn in complete freedom, winter warmth around a campfire. The adventure is for all seasons, creating unforgettable moments with family and friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your vehicle will need to be equipped with two transverse roof bars that meet the following conditions: The bars must support the weight of your folded Hussarde (when closed). This minimum weight is 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö/Family (weight of the ...

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First of all, to install a tent on your vehicle your vehicle must be equipped with two roof bars supporting the weight of the Hussarde when it is folded (minimum 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö /Family). These bars can easily be found on the internet and in car ...

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Here is the main information to remember: the Hussarde tents fit all vehicles (city cars, SUV, van, van, 4×4, etc.) equipped with transverse roof bars capable of supporting the weight of the folded tent. This is the main condition. Firstly, there is no fastening directly on the roof of the ...

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It depends on the speed and size of the vehicle. The shell of the Hussardes has been studied aerodynamically in order to present a very low Cx (drag coefficient). On the road at 80 km/h, the additional consumption is not noticeable. On the motorway, depending on the size of the vehicle, overconsumption varies from almost nothing (large vehicle) to 20% (small vehicle). Speed has a significant impact so we recommend reducing it to limit consumption.

A Hussarde can very well be purchased without any options, it will be immediately usable, the only option necessary for good sleep is the mattress, which may be different from the one proposed (see "Can I put my own mattress in my Hussarde tent?"). However, the accessories we recommend are: - ...

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