Quatrö roof top tent

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femme dans une tente de toit Hussarde Quatrö
2 adults and 2 children
or 3 adults
icons speed
Opening / closing
in 30 seconds
Rated weight of roof bars
from 80kg
Sleeping area 170
x 220 cm
Aerodynamic hull
215 x 125 x 28 cm

The ideal roof tent for adventure.

Escape on a whim. Enjoy a family road trip The Hussarde Quatrö roof tent is made for you. Installed in just 5 minutes and opening in 30 seconds, quickly access your cocoon whatever the circumstances. The Hussarde Quatrö is the flagship of our range. It can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults. This roof tent, ultra-compact when closed, has an impressive volume when opened. Its comfortable and spacious bedding ensures you restful nights before setting off on your adventure. Your room with a view follows you everywhere to provide you with both wonder and comfort every day. Your children will never want to set off without their cabin on wheels.

So, ready to experience unforgettable moments?

Shell height
0 cm
Shell width
0 cm
Shell length
0 cm
Tent height
0 cm
Tent width
0 cm
Tent length
0 cm

Optimal space

This Hussarde tent is specially designed to accommodate 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults. Its sleeping space, 170 cm wide by 220 cm long, allows for optimal comfort. The interior height of 145 cm means you can sit, kneel and move around relatively comfortably.


Exterior: 125cm wide, 215cm long, 28cm high (above the roof bars).
Interior: max height: 145 cm, max width: 210 cm, max length: 220 cm.
Sleeping area: 220 cm x 170 cm.
Maximum rated weight in the tent : 250 kg.
Total weight: from 75 kg (without mattresses).

Our Hussarde tents are eco-designed with the latest innovations and maximum comfort while avoiding obsolescence; according to our everyday values.

hussarde quatro shade

Quatrö side dimensions

Dimensions tente de toit Quatrö