Your vehicle will need to be equipped with two transverse roof bars that meet the following conditions:

  • The bars must support the weight of your folded Hussarde (when closed). This minimum weight is 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö/Family (weight of the Hussarde when empty).
  • The length of your bars must not be less than 110cm, or else you will have to bar extensions.
  • There must be 8 cm or more between the top of the roof bars and the roof of the vehicle (which is the case for almost all bars) so that the fastening system does not touch the roof. Bar extensions solve this problem.
  • The space between the front bar and the back bar must be at least 70 cm and at most 125 cm. If the spacing is greater than 125 cm you can use a bar extension and a support wedge. If you feel the floor is too soft with such a gap, you can add a third bar in the middle.
  • Bar extensions will also be required in the case of curved and very rigid roof bars. It will be necessary to add extra bars to compensate for the curvature of the roof bars. If this is not enough, you will need to add support wedges to further compensate for the excessive curvature of your roof bars (wedges are not sold by NaïtUp). Finally, if the curved bars are very rigid, do not hesitate to tighten your Nufix further (maximum 10 N m). If in doubt, do not hesitate to write to us at

The shape of the bars themselves, square, rectangular, airplane wing etc. does not matter; the NuFix fastening system is compatible with all bars, even very wide (up to 15 cm) or very thick (up to 5cm).

Please note if you have a Duster, we do not recommend the low price bars of Feu Vert at all.

For more information, please see “How to choose roof bars”. 

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