First of all, to install a tent on your vehicle your vehicle must be equipped with two roof bars supporting the weight of the Hussarde when it is folded (minimum 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö /Family). These bars can easily be found on the internet and in car centres, we recommend choosing models with antitheft systems. Please note however, we do not recommend low price bars at all, such as those at Feu Vert. La Hussarde NuFix bindings will be compatible regardless of the shape of these bars (square, airplane wing shape, round, etc.). For more information on compatibility and roof bars, please read our dedicated articles (1 and 2).

To put the Hussarde on the roof bars, ideally you need 4 people. This is the “physical” part of the operation!

You can also use one of the following systems with garage ceiling storage:

-A specific system, made to measure by the owner, and which is generally based on a winch system attached to the ceiling or to a beam and straps. The winch can be manual or electric.

– Or a commercially available system, such as the Thule Multilift, which is basically intended for the storage of roof boxes up to 100 kg, and is therefore suitable for roof top tents

Please note that in all cases (especially with the Multilift) when it comes to storing a Quatrö or a Family, you must protect the rope or strap on the right side of the Hussarde, where the metal floor support is located. The sharp edges of the latter can wear the rope or strap and even cut it, causing the tent to fall. A piece of hose or something equivalent will do.

Then, simply centre the Hussarde by sliding it on the bars, and finally tighten the NuFix fasteners.

That’s it!