A Hussarde can very well be purchased without any options, it will be immediately usable, the only option necessary for good sleep is the mattress, which may be different from the one proposed (see “Can I put my own mattress in my Hussarde tent?“).

However, the accessories we recommend are:

the under-mattress which prevents condensation… under the mattress! by allowing air to circulate between the mattress and the floor of the tent. In the morning, after a cool night, there may be condensation on the floor of the Hussarde, but it will not touch the mattress. If an under-mattress is not used, remember to raise the mattress until humidity evaporates.
shoe nets for the Quatrö: very practical!
stainless steel closures for a saline atmosphere (sea… or even the mountains!).
double front closure (Quatrö): for high vehicles, this greatly facilitates access to the closures located at the front of the shell.
the rear shutter (Quatrö): allows the window to be left open even, in rain or sunshine.