Hussarde tents are safe, spacious, practical, adaptable, scalable and innovative. They have many unique advantages while being made of high-quality, efficient materials that are both recyclable and recycled. As well as these technical aspects, there is also an after-sales service, a user community, scalability and more.

Hussarde tents are minimalism with comfort, vehicle agility is maintained (access to town centres, no extra cost at tolls, etc.) and they provide a spacious nomadic sleeping area.

Here are some of our unique features:

  • Simple and quick installation, particularly if you choose “NuFix” fixings (fast, safe, approved, anti-theft and patented). Our tents are the only roof tops with 4 rails, creating a wide range of possibilities for placing them on your roof bars.
  • The tents unfold and fold in less than a minute!
  • The tents provide a generous sleeping space, and ceiling height of 1.50 m. They have the best ratio on the market between the interior space of the unfolded tent and the compactness of the folded tent, thanks to patented kinematics.
  • The aerodynamically shaped shell is refined and quiet when driving. The aerodynamics of our tent shells is unique on the market and so your fuel consumption will increase little or not at all.
  • Our fabrics are either cotton or polycotton. They are waterproof, yet breathable, which increases comfort and insulation.
  • Internal passive ventilation with a hard top, constantly evacuates any humidity through the ceiling, and hot air in direct sunlight thanks to our exclusive and patented convection system.
  • The upper and lower shell is made from recyclable ABS which is impact-resistant, UV-resistant, with a very long lifespan and which does not release glass particles and/or harmful emissions (unlike fiberglass shells).
  • Upgradability: our Hussarde tents remain compatible with the accessories we design later, so that there is no obsolescence.
  • ISO 1154M certification: city crash, circuit vibration tests, resistance to tearing, accelerated ageing, etc.
  • Very comfortable high density (40kg/m3) and high resilience mattress.
  • Responsible and ecological product, 90% recyclable.
  • A community of users, the “Naïtupers”, who share their tips, advice and good humour.
  • A genuine 5-year warranty, with a real after-sales service based in France.
  • Made in Ales, in the Gard department… in France!