Here are the advantages of these two canvases:

-The cotton canvas, made from a natural material, without chemical transformation, has a longer lifetime, if it is well maintained, thanks to its UV resistance.

More breathable, the cotton canvas reduces condensation in the tent and its better insulation offers optimal comfort in hot or cold weather. Note that we are one of the last roof top tent manufacturers to offer this top-of-the-range option.

-Polycotton canvas offers good value for money and requires little maintenance. It is also a little more water repellent ..

Caution however, for both materials we recommend letting the canvas dry well before folding it to avoid residual moisture for future use.

Here are some negative aspects:

-Cotton: Despite the addition of a PVC band, a wicking effect can occur, that is, the transfer of humidity if a textile is in direct contact with the wet fabric. Note, however, that the PVC band protects the mattress.

-Polycotton: less breathable and less occulting.. As it is less breathable, it retains more moisture due to perspiration from the human body during a night’s sleep. It is not a 100% natural material.

In all cases our fabrics are moderately opaque and it will be light in the tent in broad daylight even with all openings closed. This design choice is due to the following reasons:

-Dark canvases (more blackout) absorb more heat and it is difficult to continue sleeping as soon as the sun hits the canvas in the morning, especially in summer.

-We have moved away from coated and synthetic canvases in favour of breathable canvases for more comfort and to reduce the build up of condensation