Use and maintenance

When will I need a removable ladder?

The removable ladder is an option available for the TriUp, Quatrö and Family models. This is a tilting floor ladder that can be removed when folding the tent. Choosing a removable ladder is an advantage if you: -Would like a lighter tent to handle. -Have requirements regarding the weight ...

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Here are the advantages of these two canvases: -The cotton canvas, made from a natural material, without chemical transformation, has a longer lifetime, if it is well maintained, thanks to its UV resistance. -More breathable, the cotton canvas reduces condensation in the tent and its better ...

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The ladder must be deployed in the opening and closing direction.
When deploying the ladder, start with the top rung, and moved down.
To close the ladder, start from the lowest rung and move up.

The Hussarde Quatrö/Family has a loading limit, especially in terms of thickness. Because of the tilting floor, the remaining space in terms of thickness is quite small (2 or 3 cm). It is possible to leave thin bedding inside however, thick pillows or duvets may prevent the tent from closing. The best thing is to free up space.

No, the tent is considered a roof box. You might be incorrectly detected and upgraded however, call an operator and state that it is a roof box in order to be correctly charged.

You can leave your Hussarde tent on your car permanently if you so wish. If you need to remove it, we also offer storage racks on wheels that will allow you to store it on its edge to save space.

Absolutely! The ceiling of your tent, lined with a mosquito net, has a zipper which, when open, activates passive ventilation. This creates natural convection which circulates the air.

Some people use their Hussarde in very cold weather. The important thing is to have the correct sleeping equipment suitable for the season.

You have great freedom in terms of choice. However, it will still be necessary to be familiar with the existing local legislation and be careful about local prohibitions.

The Quatrö tent can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children while the Family tent takes 2 adults and 3 children. In the Family Hussarde, sleeping is in the direction of the vehicle unlike the Quatrö the sleeping position is perpendicular. Unlike the Quatrö, the Family has two mattress extensions, to ...

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Yes, it would make a very original guest room or cabin for children.
You can fold it when you are not using it. The Hussarde can be placed on the ground (ladder not used), or on a support such as two hoops, at the height of your choice. Our Hussardes are mobile or static “cocoon houses”.

A Hussarde requires very little maintenance. Simply make sure that the canvas is dry when storing it for a long time, and from time to time lubricate the locks. Re-waterproof the fabric every 2 to 3 years with a water repellent spray. A Hussarde tent is designed to stay outside all year round, on your vehicle, whatever the weather conditions. The ABS / PMMA shell does not change colour in the sun and retains its anti-impact properties for many years.

Impossible ! The sleeping surface is inside the lower shell so the edge prevents falling. The poles and the canvas which are securely attached to the shell also ensure falling is just not possible. Hussarde tents are safe and comfortable.

Yes, and the answer is unanimous among our users! With a very flat sleeping service, high-resilience and high-density foam mattress (40kg/m3), firm and strong floor, spacious and ventilated interior, and the waterproof AND breathable canvas: there is no humidity, no sweltering heat or condensation.
Moreover, sleeping high up is a real advantage, away from the humidity close to the ground, in summer there is more air, and in the vantage point makes for waking up with a beautiful view of the surroundings.
The very first night will convince you!

Our tents have been designed to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h without damage when unfolded. The canvas is very solid and the seams waterproof. The casing is able to withstand storms and hail. Whatever the weather, you’ll sleep comfortably and dry!