Here is the main information to remember: the Hussarde tents fit all vehicles (city cars, SUV, van, van, 4×4, etc.) equipped with transverse roof bars capable of supporting the weight of the folded tent. This is the main condition.

Firstly, there is no fastening directly on the roof of the vehicle. The roof bars are attached to the roll bars which are capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle itself.

So, the roof of your vehicle must be able to support the weight of the overturned vehicle so as not to collapse should the vehicle roll over.

Then, the rated weight given for the roof bars is always the dynamic weight, that is, given for a vehicle while driving. When the car is moving, the roof bars support the weight of the tent. This is why the reference to be taken into account for the choice of roof bars is the weight of the folded tent..

Finally, once stationary, your roof bars can support much more and it is the roof tent that supports the weight of the occupants. The weight limit in our tents is 250kg.

We have been installing rooftop tents for 15 years, you can rely on our experience!

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