Fastenings and installation

Can a hussarde tent be installed on a roof rack?

This is possible however, it depends on the type of tent and roof rack. If your tent is a Duö, the rack may or may not have a ridge. If your tent is a Quatrö or a Family, the rack should not have a ridge that would interfere with the opening of the tilting floor on the right-hand side. Moreover, the bars must not be too far apart, nor too close, in order to be able to secure the NuFix fastening system. Do not hesitate to send us photos of your roof rack so that we can help.

Absolutely! You can use a manual hoist, an electric or manual winch, some NaïtUpers purchase these second-hand, and there are systems that install on the roof of your garage. There are two possible options in this case: -A specific system, made to measure by the owner, and which is generally ...

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You can leave your Hussarde tent on your car permanently if you so wish. If you need to remove it, we also offer storage racks on wheels that will allow you to store it on its edge to save space.

Although the Hussardes are designed to remain permanently on the vehicle (without altering it), you can remove it from your vehicle if needed.
The operation is very simple however, 4 people are needed to lower it from the roof to the ground. It can then be stored on its edge on its original pallet, or on the wheeled storage racks (and thus moved around easily).

If you have a garage, it is particularly practical to store it on the ceiling (commercial kits or DIY installation using straps). Thus the vehicle installation and removal can be done easily alone.


First of all, to install a tent on your vehicle your vehicle must be equipped with two roof bars supporting the weight of the Hussarde when it is folded (minimum 55 kg for the Duö, 63 kg for the TriUp and 75 kg for the Quatrö /Family). These bars can easily be found on the internet and in car ...

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Yes, absolutely; simply equip the trailer with the equivalent of two roof bars, firmly attached. Installation and use is the same as on a car roof, the difference is that the Hussarde will be closer to the ground, and therefore the ladder deployed will be shorter.

This is the very first question! To install a roof top tent on your vehicle, it must be equipped with two suitable transverse roof bars, whether it be city car, an SUV, a van or a 4x4. These roof bars must be able to support the weight of the folded tent (that is, 55kg for a Duö, 63kg for a TriUp ...

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Your Hussarde stays with you! Equip your new car with two roof bars supporting the weight of your Hussarde (minimum, depending on the empty weight and without mattress, 55 kg for the Duö to 75 kg for the Quatrö/Family). Please note however, we do not recommend low price bars at all, such as those at Feu Vert for the Duster. You can also lend your Hussarde! Installation and uninstallation is as indicated in the question “How do I install a Hussarde on my vehicle?”.

Of course, when configuring your Hussarde, you can choose without a mattress. We recommend using a mattress of the same size as those we offer (see the descriptions of the various Hussarde models). For the Hussarde Quatrö or Family, your mattress should not be any more than 5.5 cm in thickness.

When ordering, you can configure your Hussarde with other options, to have a truly customised tent. Further options can be purchased afterwards as you discover you need them.

Of course. Two roof bars or a roof rack (but without ridges!) will suffice. Of course, it is possible to have three or even four roof bars. In this case add 1 additional pair of NuFix fastenings per bar (so 2 pairs more for 2 more roof bars).

Options for tall vehicles are available: larger ladder, remote locking systems, etc.

All this is available when configuring your Hussarde tent on the website, very simply!